About us


POLISHFOOD.HK (a brand name of DOT Hong Kong Ltd) is a Polish owned and managed company registered in Hong Kong and specializing in importing, distributing and promoting selected food products of the top brand names, manufacturers and quality from Poland.

Apart from the famous and renowned Polish brands producing meat (sausage, kabanosy, cold cut), dairy products (cheese), confectionary (chocolate, pralines, candies) and well known Polish national specialties (pickles, herrings, pierogi, condiments) we also source products from smaller and niche companies, which have an interesting offer, especially in the segment of organic and healthy food.

Being a modern and innovative society Hong Kong sees an increasing interest in organic and healthy products – especially imported from Europe, which is traditionally perceived as a source of high quality, gourmet food manufactured with traditional methods and natural ingredients. This is especially true about Poland, where in many regions agriculture has resisted mass production and automatisation and is still cherished as a noble profession performed in a traditional bond between man and nature.

As a company distributing exclusively Polish food, we combine personal approach to every product we sell with extensive knowledge of the producers’ market in Poland – the country of origin and our motherland.

Our business model combines competitive prices with high quality products, what is rare in Hong Kong, where more than 90% of food is imported from abroad what makes it relatively expensive. We can supply almost every type of product for convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants with special deliveries arriving within one to two weeks from placing an order.